Ress Uncorrelated Assets Fund provides portfolio composition update

February 24, 2017
Published: 2017-02-24 14:14:00 CET

Ress Life Investments A/S
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To: Nasdaq Copenhagen
Date: 24 February 2017

Corporate Announcement 49/2017

Ress Uncorrelated Assets Fund provides portfolio composition update

Ress Life Investments A/S invests in fund units of Ress Uncorrelated Assets Fund. The AIF-manager of Ress Uncorrelated Assets Fund fund has provided the following information.

Below is a breakdown of the performance attribution for 2016:

Performance decomposition 2016
Realised (Maturities & sold policies) 2.45%
Aging effect 3.96%
Mtm-adjustment (Change in discount rates) 0.27%
Life Expectancy Updates 0.06%
Premium prepayments -0.31%
Premium optimization -0.15%
COI increases -0.66%
Gross portfolio performance 5.63%
Investment factor effect -0.18%
Net portfolio performance 5.45%
Master Fund Costs -2.26%
Feeder Fund Costs -0.48%
FX 0.00%
Interest -0.03%
Net Fund Performance 2.69%

Questions related to this announcement can be made to the company’s AIF-manager, Resscapital AB.

Contact person:
Jonas MÃ¥rtenson
Tel + 46 8545282 09

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