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Ress Capital continues to sponsor William Hansson

January 10, 2022 archive

Ress Capital was the proud sponsor of the alpine race skier William Hansson in the season 2020/2021, and we will continue to support William this season. 20-year-old William is one of Scandinavia’s most promising young ski talents. Unfortunately, William had a facture to his right leg in March 2021 and has since then not been […]

Ress Capital Charitable Giving in 2021

January 7, 2022 archive

The team at Ress Capital wish all of our clients and partners a Happy New Year. We have chosen to support three charitable organisations during 2021. Barncancerfonden (The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund) – Barncancerfonden is the single largest financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden and provide financial support to the development of new treatment […]

Ress Capital expands sales team

November 22, 2021 archive

Ress Capital is pleased to announce that Emily Tranberg has joined our institutional sales team. Since assets under management in our US life insurance fund, Ress Life Investments, continue to grow and are now approaching $300 million, we need to strengthen our team. Prior to joining Resscapital, Emily worked at Nordnet Bank as Customer Operations […]

Article from Alternatives Watch on life settlements

March 24, 2021 archive

The Micro versus Macro view in life settlements 23 March 2021 | Christopher Faille Access original article here Article in PDF format. Life settlement investing, which has had a rocky road since its origins in the 1980s, has settled into a pattern. At the top of the value chain stand major investment firms such as […]

Ress Capital hires a new Portfolio Manager

March 10, 2021 archive

We are pleased to announce that Markus Biamont has joined Ress Capital as a Junior Portfolio Manager. Since asset under management have now reached 245 million US dollars the portfolio management team is expanding. Markus will support the senior portfolio managers Anton and Fredrik in the policy sourcing and selection process. Prior to joining Resscapital, […]

Resscapital sponsors 19 year-old William Hansson

February 10, 2021 archive

Scandinavia’s most promising young ski talent Resscapital is proud to support alpine youth sports during the winter 2020/21 season by sponsoring one of Scandinavia’s most promising young ski talents. Just as in our own business, downhill skiing requires hard work over the long-term to deliver top-flight performance and to build on and surpass previous success. […]

Resscapital featured by HedgeNordic

December 17, 2020 archive

One Replacement for Fixed Income HedgeNordic |  By EUGENIU GUZUN  16/12/2020 Access original article here Article in PDF format. Stockholm (HedgeNordic) – Fixed income has long been serving as an essential asset allocation component within most diversified portfolios. Amid historically low interest rates, buy-and-hold investors though are almost guaranteed to collect microscopic returns from this asset class […]

Article from Wealth Adviser on sustainability

November 11, 2020 archive

Ethics and sustainability in life settlements 9 November 2020 | Wealth Adviser Investors looking for alpha-generating alternatives uncorrelated to the economic cycle should consider life settlements, says Cristina Lugaro, Director, Ress Capital. Access original article here Article in PDF format. As countries around the world contend with a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, sophisticated […]

Ress Capital Featured by AlphaWeek

September 24, 2020 archive

Life Settlements – A Fixed Income Alternative for Superior Alpha 22 September 2020 | Greg Winterton As Covid-19 continues to cause uncertainty across global markets, fixed income investors have been particularly hard hit amid the turmoil. Markets rebounded from the coronavirus induced crash in March of this year, with an apparent strength which in fact […]