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Alpine race skier William Hansson tells us about his 2022 and future skiing dreams

Ress Capital was the proud sponsor of the alpine race skier William Hansson in the season 2021/2022, and we will continue to support William this season. 21-year-old William is one of Scandinavia’s most promising young ski talents. Unfortunately, William had a fracture to his right leg in March 2021. In the interview below you can read William’s thoughts about the recovering and his way back to skiing again.

Just as in our own business, alpine skiing requires hard work over long-term to deliver top performance and to build on and surpass previous success. Analysis and preparation – with an unwavering focus on details that need to be fine-tuned – puts exacting demands on those who want to succeed.

Hi William, how have you been since our last interview in December 2021?

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster since we last time. Last winter I tried my best to keep skiing with the goal of being fit enough for racing the same season. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel good enough with the metal plate and screws in my leg. I had too much pain, although my skiing was good.

In the beginning of Mars, I decided to get a surgery to get the metal plate and screws out of my right leg. On 7 April, I got my surgery done and the rehab training started again. My training since then has been very tough both mentally and physically. During my rehab period I have been working a lot on my weaknesses and I feel that the hard work pays off now, when I’m back skiing again. Since the beginning of August, I have been skiing and I can’t wait for the races to start.

Tell us a bit about your recovery-journey and how your progress has been since last time?

After my surgery in April, I had to start with new rehab training, but this time it wasn’t as bad as when I broke my leg in 2020. The first few days after the operation I rested, but after that I could quickly start to walk normal again. I increased my load of training gradually, and the leg muscles got stronger quickly. I did my rehab training at Capio Artro Clinic and the standard physical training on Bosön. There they have an amazing training facility. During the summer I trained almost every morning at Bosön with my team mates. In the afternoon we either played golf or were enjoying the sun. A pretty good summer if you ask me, and the leg was healing very well.

Resscapital will continue to support and sponsor you, what are your plans for the upcoming seasons? What championships will you attend?

It is great to have Resscapital supporting me for this season knowing that we share the same passion for Alpine skiing. It really feels like the work we both put down is long term and we are in this together. We are both aiming high for this coming year, and I have some goals of my own. My number one goal for this season is to establish myself in the Europa Cup, with at least 4 top 15 places and a podium in slalom. My focus will be on the Europa Cup but I’m also aiming to score World Cup points this season in slalom. My biggest goal for this winter season is to deliver good results during the World Championships in Courchevel Meribel in France.

What would you say is your number one dream when it comes to Alpine racing?

My biggest goal and dream in my ski racing career is to win the slalom globe on the World Cup circuit.

Last question, what goes through your head when you stand at the starting gate before a race?

The last things that goes through my head before starting a run in a race is probably some technical details that I have been practising, but it’s a good question. It’s hard to describe, but everything feels quite automatic, knowing that I must give it 100%. In that moment, I would say the feeling is very pure and there is a lot of adrenalin in your body before heading down the slope.

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