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A unique asset class

The secondary market for life insurance policies is an alternative asset class offering attractive returns combined with good credit quality and low correlation with bonds and equities.

Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns
The investment strategy offers both a unique return profile and attractive risk-adjusted returns. The annualised return of Ress Life Investments is approx. 6.1% in US dollars in the last ten years.

Capital Preservation
The strategy is suitable for investors for whom capital preservation is a key consideration. In the last five years over 70% of monthly returns are positive. The largest monthly decrease is -1.3% and largest increase is 5.6% in the last ten years.

Risk Diversification
The main risk factor in a life insurance portfolio is fundamentally uncorrelated to other major asset classes. The correlation to S&P 500 is -0.10 in the last ten years.

The secondary market for life insurance policies benefits the consumer. Ress Life Investments is classified as Article 8 of Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). We are also a signatory of the Principles of Responsible Investments (PRI).

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