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Summary - Our sustainability work

Demand for sustainable and responsible investments continues to rise. As a company in the financial industry, we play an increasingly important role to make a real impact on our society and environment.

Ress Capital’s focus is to create attractive and predictable long-term returns for our clients. Sustainability is an integral part of how we operate. Our clients should feel confident that we prioritise sustainability in our daily activities and that we strive to improve our sustainability efforts. Being an alternative investment manager active in the secondary market for US life insurance policies, ethics is the key aspect of sustainability.

No sustainable investment objective

Ress Capital only promotes social characteristics and works with responsible investments through two strategies, 1) exclusion and 2) impact. Ress Capital does not consider environmental characteristics and does not have as its objective a sustainable investment.

Ress Capital does not have a sustainability investment objective with regards to environment and climate change for its investment products. However, the assessment is that investment into life insurance policies has no negative impact on the environment or global climate. Furthermore, the investments into life insurance policies do not cause significant harm to any other sustainability goals.

Environmental or social characteristics of the financial product

Ress Capital wants to contribute to a sustainable investment industry. Our guiding principle is to contribute to a sustainable development actively and responsibly, by ensuring that our business activities are carried out in a manner that maintains the company’s values and with respect for people, our society, the environment, natural resources, and the climate. Ress Capital shall meet and exceed the expectations that the company’s stakeholders have in relation to our business activities.

Ress Capital manages a portfolio of US life insurance policies. Life insurance policies are purchased from US households who no longer need life insurance coverage. We, therefore, enable senior individual households to obtain compensation for an unneeded insurance policy. Instead of stop paying premiums and letting the policy lapse, the financial solution offered may contribute to elderly individuals maintaining a long-term comfortable standard of living after retirement or retaining ongoing healthcare.

The secondary market for US life insurance policies is regulated in most US states. The legislation regulating the market is there to safeguard the individual policyholder’s, i.e. the consumer’s interest. The legislation aims to protect the consumer’s freedom of choice and ensure that the sales process is transparent and correct.

Buying life insurance policies, also known as Life Settlements, has no environmental footprint, and as mentioned earlier it could potentially provide a significant, positive impact on the social welfare of the citizens in the US. By reason of that, we propose life settlements to be a socially sustainable, responsible investment alternative.

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