We offer alternative returns

Our focus is to offer an attractive long-term alternative to fixed income. Our flagship fund, Ress Life investments, has a 10-year track record of delivering dependable absolute returns with a low volatility

Attractive risk-adjusted return

The net annualised return is approx. 6.0% in US dollars in the last ten years. 

Capital preservation

Over 70% of monthly returns are positive. Volatility in the last ten years has been in the range of 3-4%. 

Risk diversification

Returns are uncorrelated, which makes the strategy attractive for investors seeking risk diversification.  


The company is listed at Nasdaq OMX Nordic and the market-maker, Carnegie Bank, provides daily prices.


We are an alternative investment fund manager

As an AIFM, we are authorised and regulated by the Swedish Financial Services Authority

The Fund

We invest in the secondary market for US life insurance policies

We offer investors both risk diversification and attractive returns. The main risk in this asset class is uncorrelated to most other asset classes 



The fund aims to deliver
attractive risk-adjusted returns


The strategy offers risk diversification and attractive long term performance

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