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Ress Life Investments A/S is admitted to trading and official listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen. The company’s short name is RLAINV (ISIN DK0060315604). Carnegie Investment Bank acts as market maker and provides daily prices. Shares can be bought during normal trading hours through any stock exchange member.

Current prices can be found on NasdaqOMXNordic under the segment – Alternative Investment Funds. All corporate announcements, including current net asset values, are sent out via Nasdaq GlobeNewswire.


Ress Life Investments A/S issues new shares every month. Investors can subscribe for shares no later than the 25th of every month. The subscription agreement should be sent to the company’s administrator, Citco and the subscription amount should be transferred in USD.

To ensure compliance with statutory and other requirements relating to money laundering the company will require verification of identity from new investors, prior to the subscription being accepted.

Once the subscription proceeds have been received by the company, the board will approve the capital increase. The articles of association will be updated and the capital increase will be registered with the Danish Business Authority.

All shares will be issued in registered form, no bearer shares are issued.

The subscription agreement provides detailed instructions regarding the subscription process.
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