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Ress Capital continues to sponsor alpine race skier William Hansson

Ress Capital was the proud sponsor of the alpine race skier William Hansson in the season 2022/2023, and we will continue to support William the upcoming season. 22-year-old William is one of Scandinavia’s most promising young ski talents.

Just as in our own business, alpine skiing requires hard work over long-term to deliver top performance and to build on and surpass previous success. Analysis and preparation – with an unwavering focus on details that need to be fine-tuned – puts exacting demands on those who want to succeed.

Hi William! How are you? Tell us about your 2023 and the upcoming ski season this winter?

All good thanks. The year has been great so far and the races are just around the corner. I am looking forward to the races that are coming up. Let us hope that the hard work will pay off.

Looking back, my preparations for this upcoming race season started with a trip down south to Argentina, to get the optimal training. The ski slopes and snow conditions were amazing. We stayed in a city called Ushuaia in the most southern point of Argentina and trained 40 minutes away at a ski resort called Cerro Castor. Very cool place, with a big variety of ski slopes and weather which affected the snow conditions. Perfect for us ski racers to able to ski and test various ski equipment in different ski conditions. During this period in Cerro Castor, I participated in four South American Cup races with success. I managed to claim two victories in giant slalom races and a third place in slalom – incredibly fun.

These two giant slalom races positively affected my FIS-ranking, so now I am ranked thirty-five in the world in giant slalom. It feels so good to start the race season on a high note and I am looking forward for what is coming.

I also participated in the World Cup opener in Sölden, Austria, at the end of October. Unfortunately, the race got cancelled after I skied my first run, due to strong wind. My run had some positives still, showed some fast splits of the run and I held position thirty when they cancelled the race. 

Thinking back, what is your best skiing memory during 2023, and what is the worst one?

My best memory must be the gold medal in the Swedish Championships in giant slalom. Since I had not skied so much giant slalom last season because of my injury, I was very surprised with how well it went. Last season it took a lot of time, and many takes to try to ski giant slalom without pain, so it was not until mid-March that it started to feel well enough. The worst memory from last season is all the days I had with too much pain for skiing. Luckily, I am feeling a lot better now.

If you could give your younger self some advice when it comes to building a skiing career, what would your three best advises be?

The best advice for a skiing career I would give my younger self would be to always take advantage of the days you get and optimize them. I would also tell him that obstacles will appear during a skiing career and that its always best to focus on what is best for you in these periods. Lastly is an advice not to take everything so serious and enjoy the skiing.

We are closing in on Christmas and to the end of this year. Do you have any new year’s resolutions and what do you look forward to within skiing in 2024?

Just hoping for a fantastic winter with a lot of snow, and I am looking forward to sharing the great moments with my friends.

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