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Ress Capital hires a new System Developer

Ress Capital improves our team further, with the addition of a System developer for our continued growth journey. A warm welcome to Max Fiedler!

At Ress Capital, we all work hard to be at the forefront of our area of expertise. In line with this commitment, we have now made a strong recruitment of Max Fiedler as our brand-new system developer.

Prior to joining Ress Capital, Max worked at Centevo as system developer and consultant. His responsibilities were, among other things, development and maintenance of a financial service system, market data integration and onboarding clients to the software. Max holds a Higher Vocational Education Diploma for Software development.

We took the opportunity to ask Max three quick questions to get to know him a bit more:

Max, you will be Ress Capital’s new Software manager, what do you look forward to most in this new role?
Automating processes, where it’s applicable, is something I consider to be valuable and satisfying.

Further, can you tell us something about how your interest started in IT and software development?
Creativity has always been a big part of my life, as I have absolutely no aptitude for classic arts and crafts, I instead adapted my “creative flair” with another passion of mine, which is computers. Programming thus became the natural way for me to be creative, without offending any artists.

Lastly, autumn has now come to Stockholm and Sweden, can you give us your top three favorite things to do an autumn day in Stockholm? 
Morning walks around Djurgården, coffee and a cinnamon bun at Saturnus, perhaps independent of the season; dinner with friends and family at one of many fantastic restaurants in Stockholm.

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