We offer alternative returns

Our focus is the secondary market for US life insurance policies. We offer investors both risk diversification and attractive returns. The main risk in this asset class is uncorrelated to most other asset classes.


We invest in an asset class which offers both risk diversification and attractive returns.

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Attractive returns combined with excellent credit quality – a good long term investment.

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About Resscapital

Resscapital AB is an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) authorised and regulated by the Swedish Financial Services Authority (Finansinspektionen).

We have since 2011 bought a diversified life insurance portfolio on behalf of Ress Life Investments, which is listed at NASDAQ Copenhagen. Proprietary portfolio management systems and pricing models have been developed, in order to gain an advantage when purchasing policies. The company also collaborates with external medical underwriters specialising in senior mortality in order to provide more accurate assessments and mortality distributions.

Our management team has extensive experience in life settlements, complimentary backgrounds and international experience from having worked at major banks and hedge funds. The board of directors consists of both successful entrepreneurs and senior managers with extensive experience from the financial industry.

We Offer Alternative Returns

The secondary market for US life insurance policies offers long-term investors both risk diversification and attractive returns. The main risk, longevity, is uncorrelated to most other asset classes. We have since 2011 sourced life insurance policies in order to build a diversified life insurance portfolio. Our strategy aims to systematically mitigate the longevity risk by carefully selecting policies using quantitative methods. The fund obtains a life expectancy report from an independent medical underwriter, in most cases. Our proprietary premium optimization algorithms are highly advanced and create a competitive advantage.

Life Settlements

The secondary market in US life insurance policies, also known as life settlements, offers investors the opportunity to purchase life insurance policies at a discount to face value. A report released in 2019 by Conning, predicts that by 2028, the market will have seen an impressive $212 billion of life settlements, while on an issuance basis the average volume of its ten-year forecast for new life settlements is approximately $6.4 billion annually.

The key investment features making this an attractive asset class are attractive returns combined with excellent credit quality and low correlation with bonds and equities.



Ress Capital expands sales team

Ress Capital is pleased to announce that Emily Tranberg has joined our institutional sales team. Since assets under management in our US lif...


Jonas Martenson - RessCapital
Jonas MartensonSales Director and Founder

Jonas Martenson has an international finance background and has lived in Switzerland, Belgium and the UK. In Switzerland he worked with electronic options exchanges and then moved to Brussels to found a fund management company focusing on options strategies. In 1996 he joined Schroders in London and subsequently worked for Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch focusing on selling OTC derivatives and structuring financial products to European institutional investors. Prior to co-founding Resscapital AB, Jonas was Head of Derivative Sales at Hypovereinsbank in London. Jonas holds a M.Sc. in International Economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics.

Gustaf HAgerud - RessCapital
Gustaf HagerudManaging Director and Valuation Manager

Gustaf was previously Partner at a fund manager in London. Prior to this, Gustaf was Head of Asset Management and deputy CEO of the public pension fund AP3, one of the largest pension funds in Scandinavia with global investments in most asset classes. Gustaf worked for seven years at AP3 and prior to that ten years with global tactical asset allocation at Alecta and AP1. He has also been a trader in various positions at major banks. Gustaf holds a PhD in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics, a MA in Economics from University of British Columbia and a BA in Economics from the University of Stockholm. His research is focused on volatility forecasting. He is also an author of a textbook on the Swedish financial markets.

Anton Pozine - RessCapital
Anton PozineHead of Portfolio Management

Anton Pozine has extensive experience within the life settlements and longevity linked space. Anton joined Resscapital in 2011 and has reviewed longevity-linked securities with over 10 billion US dollars in face value and has purchased life insurance policies with over 1 billion US dollars in face value. Anton holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Linkoping Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Johan Jonson - RessCapital
Johan JonsonRisk Manager

Johan Jonson has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. After graduating from Uppsala University in 1990, Johan joined ABB Financial Services in Stockholm where he held positions in business administration, trading, market making and risk control. In 2003 he co-founded the hedge fund Latitude, which was then part of the Brummer group. At Latitude, Johan was a partner and responsible for risk control, accounting and investor relations with support from Brummer & Partners. Johan has also worked as a financial consultant and as a teacher in financial securities and markets.

Fredrik Thor - RessCapital
Fredrik ThorPortfolio Manager

Fredrik has 25 years’ experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining Resscapital, Fredrik worked at AMF Pension, a major Swedish pension fund for 15 years. His main assignment at AMF, was portfolio manager of global equities, but he was also active in infrastructure investments and was a director of the offshore wind farm company Ormonde Energy Limited. During the period 1994 to 2003 Fredrik worked for ABB Aros Securities in equity derivates. Fredrik holds a Master of Science degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He is since 2002 a licensed financial advisor by Swedsec.

Cristina LugaroInstitutional Sales

Cristina has 15 years’ experience in the asset management industry with expertise in fundraising and investment marketing. Prior to joining Resscapital, Cristina worked at BNP Paribas Asset Management where she focused on institutional sales and investor relations in the Nordics, France and Benelux. Before that Cristina covered global quantitative strategies as Senior Investment Specialist at Alfred Berg Asset Management. Before joining Alfred Berg in 2008, she worked in Belgium at Fortis Investments and Bank of New York Mellon. Cristina received an MBA with Honors from Solvay Business School and holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Economics from Vesalius College (Vrije Universiteit) in Belgium. She is since 2018 a licensed financial advisor by Swedsec.

Markus BiamontJunior Portfolio Manager

Prior to joining Resscapital, Markus worked at Nordea as an analyst where he developed and maintained models used for balance sheet management. His main responsibility included the development of optimization models used for planning and managing the bank’s capital and funding. Markus holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Linköping Institute of Technology in Sweden where he specialized in computer science and finance.


Per-Anders Tammerlöv - RessCapital
Per-Anders TammerlövChairman of the Board

Per-Anders Tammerlöv holds a degree in financial economics from Stockholm University and has been employed at Mangold since 2003 and CEO since 2006. Per-Anders has long experience from the financial sector including Alfred Berg (formerly, a part of ABN AMRO), Nordiska Fondkommission (now, a part of Ålandsbanken) and H&Q (now, a part of Carnegie). Per-Anders serves on the board of QQM Fund Management, Nowonomics, Resscapital AB, and Svenska Fondhandlareföreningen.

Tina Söderlunde-Boley - RessCapital
Tina Söderlund-BoleyNon-Executive Director of the Board

Tina Söderlund-Boley was elected as an independent board member in 2019. Mrs Söderlund-Boley has a Swedish law degree from Uppsala University and spent 18 years as Head of Sales Institutional and Intermediaries Northern Europe for a large, Swiss-listed asset manager. Since then, she has focused on a portfolio career, combining non-executive directorships with working with asset managers on strategy, sales, marketing and ESG. She is launching a digital mortgage platform in Sweden and is a keen investor in smaller companies.

Heiner WeberNon-Executive Director of the Board

Heiner A. Weber is an experienced international banker and has worked at several leading Swiss banks. Currently, he is a Partner at Katalysen with a focus on growth companies. He's a board member of several fintech companies and of the business intelligence consultancy Alaco (Suisse). He started his career in electronic options trading, as co-founder and Managing Partner at an options trading company, and was later responsible for teams covering semi-institutional clients, such as single family offices and trusts at leading Swiss private banks. He has also worked for a large alternative asset manager and was heading a branch of a foreign bank in Geneva. Heiner has studied at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and IMD. He also has the following certificates, CAIA, PRM and CQF

Ann-Sophie HesserNon-Executive Director of the Board

Ann-Sophie is an experienced lawyer with extensive business experience from the financial industry as well as compliance and regulatory issues. She is a founding partner, and currently works, at Apriori Advokatbyrå in Stockholm. Ann-Sophie previously worked as General Counsel and was part of the management team of GE Money Bank during eight years. Prior to that she was a lawyer at the major Swedish law firm, Mannheimer Swartling, with a focus on M&A and private equity. Ann-Sophie is also a board member of the fintech company Rocker AB (publ). Ann-Sophie holds a law degree from Lund University.


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Resscapital is regulated as an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM). Thus, we are already required to have a number of guidelines and policies in place, including ethical guidelines, insider trading policy, money laundering policy, a policy for equal treatment of investors etc.

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